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Summer Bucket List

My first year of university is coming to an end and summer is quickly approaching. Odds are, I’ll be staying in Ottawa for the summer (it all comes down to whether or not I get a job I just had an interview for – fingers crossed!) so I figured, “Hey, I’m in the capital of Canada during it’s supposedly best months with no school and homework to focus on. I sure as hell better make the best of this!” So, with that, I’ve composed a list (as you’ve probably guessed by now – I really love making lists) of five things I’d like to do this summer.

1) Attend Bluesfest

I’ve always wanted to go to Bluesfest! They always have such a great lineup and if I’m in Ottawa, I should take advantage of it! Also, I’ve never actually been to a music festival and where better to start than this one? I’ve heard nothing but good about it.

2) Go Skinny Dipping

I know I could do this anywhere but I’ve always said I wanted the experience and just haven’t gotten around to actually doing it. The way I look at it, I just finished my first year of university and made it through exams – Time to finally get this experience.

3) Start Learning Italian

Here’s a language I’ve always wanted to learn. Mainly because I am Italian and I think it would be really cool to have a conversation with my Papa completely in Italian. But also because honestly, this language is romantic as hell. It’s such a beautiful language. Through this past year I’ve realized how much more there is to the world and how much culture I’ve missed out on living in such a small town for so long – It’ll be great to say I can actually speak the language of most of my extended family.

4) Travel Somewhere I’ve Never Been

This shouldn’t be a difficult one to complete considering the fact that I haven’t travelled anywhere. Seriously. Hull, Quebec is the furthest I’ve ever been. And the only reason I’ve been there is because it’s beside Ottawa and the drinking age is eighteen. So far, I have two plans to complete this item on the list. Firstly, I’m going to New York City with a friend and her family next month. Which I am SO excited about! Expect numerous pictures posted. I’m also hoping to plan a weekend trip to Montreal at some point. I’ve never been and it’s only two hours away so there’s no reason not to go.

5) Do Something FulFillingĀ 

That sounds so extremely terribly cliche, doesn’t it. And it probably is just really cliche. But truth is, for the first eighteen years of my life I lived in a small city and knew nothing of the “real world”. This year I moved away, learned how to adapt to the so-called city life, and how to take care of myself without family constantly around to help me. And as much as this year has been new and exciting and dramatic and all around something I would never take back, I want to do something big. I proved it to myself that I could be on my own but I feel the need to take one more big step. I’m not sure what it is yet but I’ll get there.


Status Updates on Valentine’s Day

Anyone who is involved in some form of social networking website will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that we are plagued annually by four distinct types of status updates. These updates happen in the week or so upcoming to February 14th – Valentine’s Day and are as follows.

Status Update Type One: The Relationship PersonĀ 

This person just so happens to be in a relationship on Valentine’s Day and is very clearly ecstatic about it. Their status may or may not be extremely annoying and they usually seem to think everyone is as happy about February 14th as they are.

A typical status by The Relationship Person may be something along the lines of:

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I love you, [insert name here]. You’re the best boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/significant other/whatever your heart desires to call your “valentine”

Status Update Type Two: The Bitter, Angry Single

This person is very obviously single and very obviously unhappy about it. They take their unhappiness and let it out with a nice bitter status, usually not realizing that they aren’t covering up being upset very well. This status type is always annoying.

It may go something like this, but is usually much more overdramatic:

Ugh, Valentine’s Day is just so stupid! It’s not even a real holiday. Who cares about hearts and chocolate and relationships? It’s the stupidest thing ever.

Status Update Type Three: The “Forever Alone”

Even more annoying than the bitter single is the emotional “I will never find love” single. They don’t hesitate to pour their entire lonely heart into their status update. This person needs the whole world to know how desperate they are to find a relationship.

A typical “forever alone” status update:

Another Valentine’s Day spent alone… Siiigh- Will I ever meet my Prince Charming? I doubt it. I’m doomed to be a crazy cat lady. At least chocolate goes on sale tomorrow…

Status Update Type Four: The “I don’t care about Valentine’s Day”

This person does not care whatsoever about Valentine’s Day. They do, however, care enough to make a status telling everyone how much they don’t care.

A typical I’m-too-cool-to-care status update:

Lol why does everyone make such a big deal about Valentine’s Day? It’s not even a real holiday, it’s so superficial. Stop whining about being single and stop bragging about how much you love someone.


Regardless of which status category you may or may not fall under, have a good day- whether you take that as a “happy valentine’s day” or just a general good day.